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Welcome to the CFO in a Box course - my name is Patrick Millerd and I'm going to be your guide in helping you to get to grips with the important financial management aspects of your business.

But before we start I'd like to give you a broad overview of the complete course.

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We all start our own businesses for freedom and control - free from the corporate bondage, free to make our own decisions, to be in control of our time or to make a difference in the world.

But for many of us all that changes is going from corporate bondage to the far more stressful "own business" bondage.

Trying a bit of this tactic and a bit of that tactic, chasing the latest “shiny objects”, resorting to taking on “bad” customers, making crappy business decisions driven by desperation.

Waiting for the SMB miracle to arrive … the one that’ll change the business … and our lives.

Unfortunately that’s how the lottery works and it's not how real life business success is achieved.

So now you'll start doing it differently having a plan, or a framework, that will guide you to do the right things at the right time.

Business Success

So now's time for change ... and we all know that change is not either comfortable or easy! But Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn says all businesses go through the "valley of the shadow" and "it's transformative"!!

But with the right tools you can be the driver of your business and not a passenger.

Achieving your goals and building a successful business by using your time, resources and money effectively.

Understanding that you have to be a lifelong learner. Growing from a know-it-all to learn-it-all! Continuously reinventing yourself and your business.

You are where you are now because of past decisions and habits. There's nothing you can do about the past decisions but one thing that is for sure is that you are going to have to change your habits!

CFO In a Box

CFO in a Box  is the first module of the ProfitabilityHUB. A program designed to support SMB owners in the day to day  working  in  their business  but also in the often overlooked functions of  working  on  their business . Making time to operate as an owner or shareholder as well as a manager.

Changing the way you think about your business and your role in the business.

Understanding that as a business owner you have two separate roles:

1.  Running the day to day operations - well understood - working in the business

2. Building the business -  often neglected - working on the business.

Don't be concerned If this difference is not too clear ... it will be at the end of the course.

This course is focussed on financial management essentials. Helping you identify and implement the important stuff which in a large business would be handled by one, or any combination, of the Financial Director, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller or Management Accountant.

But one thing ... this is not an accounting course ... it's the financial essentials without all the jargon and boring technical stuff.

I know that everyone will come into this program with a different amount of "financial" knowledge. So during the course we will cover some accounting basics. And by the end you'll have all you need to be able to evaluate your own financial performance ... and that of any other business or business opportunity.

So let's get started!

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