Are you Living in Small Business Hell?

Working day and night  … just spinning wheels?!

As a SMB or SME owner:

 What do we want?
  • Freedom
  • To be our own boss.
  • To have a more flexible work schedule
  • To make more money and more time to spend with our families.
  • Our small business to provide us with a good life.
  • To bring our ideas to the world.
  • To enjoy vacations without constant disruptions to sort out the latest drama.
  • We want to live the SMB dream.
BUT what have we got!
  • Feeling shattered running the cash flow treadmill.
  • Sleepless nights ... dreading month ends ... endless worrying about making payments.
  • Listening to customers that owe money giving you every excuse you've heard before.
  • Customers paying on time but there's still no money left for you in the till?
  • Up early, working late, working weekends, keep putting vacations off ... all to just get by. 
  • Going from firefight to firefight - with no time to grow your business.
  • No time to think about hiring help.

70% to 80% of SMB's fail within 10 years - leaving behind hopes and dreams!

What would your life be like ... transformed from small business hell to small business heaven?

No longer hoping people finally pay their bills just so you can pay yours.

No longer burned out. No frazzled nerves. Not confused about what to do. Time to run the business.

No longer the constant and painful worrying if your business will survive. Not enough good customers, sales ups and downs, trying to find the right talent. 

Achieving the dream! The one you set out to achieve when you started your business ... working less, making more and achieving YOUR ultimate freedom.

No worries if:

A few clients don't pay ... a piece of equipment breaks down ... you're ill and off work or setting off on a 3 month vacation.

Feeling in control again! Having time to do things you always used to do. To enjoy time with friends and family ... enjoying the fruits of your business.

So ... my question is ... what are you doing today to get from where you are to where you want to be?

CFO in a Box is the complete financial and operations management essentials

course for small or medium size business owners.

Guiding you from a Business Operator buried in your business to being a Business Owner?

It's not easy ...

We all know that business ownership is not easy … so congratulate yourself on taking this challenging step. Also kudos on realising that you can’t be everything in your business ... that you should be the conductor and not try being the complete orchestra!

In my business journey I hit the same barriers - I felt like I was trying to bash a hole in the wall with my head! Fruitless pain!

Then I learned the important lesson about doing something different to get a different outcome and broke through the freedom wall.

"81% of failed small businesses said they collapsed because of cash flow problems, which is a sobering thought. And it's why cash flow, not profit, needs to be king in your business".

What is the Small Business Failure Rate?

  • 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 
  • 30% of small business fail in their second year, and
  • 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business, finally
  • 70% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business.

Steve Hogan

Quote after their business TechRx failed

Running out of cash does not cause a startup’s failure, it’s merely a symptom of another issue. Excluding instances of “stupid spending” or the inability to raise capital in the first place, startups tend to run out of cash when a CEO has overlooked all other indicators of failure. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the only ‘symptom’ that the leadership sees.

Reasons why small businesses fail

The CFO in a Box course will ensure that your SMB never features in these statistics!

This course is not ...

  • About financial accounting, or bookkeeping or tax accounting ... or income statements and balance sheets.
  • Theoretical or academic! It’s developed by a business owner for business owners.
  • A passive "watch the information" course ... it's a "take action" course!
  • For someone who wants to learn technical bookkeeping and accounting  - debits and credits, assets and liabilities, and all that other stuff!
  • Like other products are aimed at accountants!
  • For Financial Controllers, CFO's or FD's (who should already be applying all of this!)

This course is about ...

  • Using numbers and management accounting to manage your business. 
  • What works ... painful lessons I’ve learned through many years in business. 
  • Changing your focus from the vanity of growing sales to increasing the sanity of profit (when understood and done the right way!)  to CASH IS KING.
  • Creating an environment where the business owner manages the business and not the other way around.
  • Using financial management in strategy planning and influencing the future direction of the company.
  • Using the power of the purse strings to selectively drive business improvement initiatives.
  • Should be for: Financial Accountants or Bookkeepers who want to add more value!

Let me let you in on a little secret ... there's a big difference between "being busy" and "being productive."

Every business owner is busy ... but very few are productive.

But to make the shift from busy to productive, you need a plan.

You need to be doing the right things. You need systems.

Voter Tide

The postmortem  after their business failed

We didn’t spend enough time talking with customers and were rolling out features that I thought were great, but we didn’t gather enough input from clients. We didn’t realize it until it was too late. It’s easy to get tricked into thinking your thing is cool. You have to pay attention to your customers and adapt to their needs.

You need good staff.

You need processes.

And you need accountability … someone who is going to make sure you stick to your plan?

Nouncer’s founder

Their business failed because of no accountability!

This brings me back to the underlying problem I didn’t have a partner to balance me out and provide sanity checks for business and technology decisions made.

Once you invest the time and resources to make it happen, your business and life will be completely different.

Follow my ProfitabiliyHUB system to go from SMB confusion to cash flow freedom.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Business Employment Dynamics, here’s what the business survival rate looks like:

  • About 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. (The most recent data shows that, of the small businesses that opened in March 2016, 79.8% made it to March 2017.)
  • About 70% of businesses with employees will survive their second year in business. (The recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2015, 69.2% made it to March of 2017.)
  • About 50% of businesses with employees will survive their fifth year in business. (Data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2012, 50.2% made it to March of 2017.)
  • About 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business. (The most recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March of 2007, 33% made it to March of 2017.)

Failure rates vary by industry and country and the way they’re measured … whatever the actual numbers are they are far too high

Resulting in too many victims of failed small businesses and shattered dreams

Many of the reasons for failure are within the control of the owner - they just needs to know which ones and what to do about them!

Patrick Millerd

Patrick Millerd

Creator of CFO in a Box

About the Author

My passion and expertise is in assisting small and medium sized business owners build a thriving business. With my financial and general management skills I can help you gain an overall perspective of your business, identify and resolve bottlenecks, develop key measures, identify risks, build processes and procedures … and accountability!


You could now be thinking ... what a lot of BS!!

  • I don’t have time for this "accounting" stuff! ... follow this thinking up with "but then do I have time to fail?"
  • The financial side is kinda like toilet paper that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe as you leave a public restroom – it’s along for the ride.
  • “I apparently don't "get it" ... better I should stay a mechanical type of person”.


  • Why is my bookkeeper or accountant not good enough? If you look at the statistics of business failure with companies that have a bookkeeper or accountant it answers itself! Ask your bookkeeper/accountant how many of their clients are successful?

  • Could I employ a part time FD to do this work? Yes of course! Just make sure they are business accountants (been there done that) and not just

  • What if I do not have any clue with accounting or bookkeeping? This is beyond the technical aspects of accounting it is using management relevant numbers to manage the business.

In summary this is what you'll get

CFO in a Box Course Map
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