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How to Use Accounting to Grow a Successful SMB

Accounting concepts

Accounting is recording the past, it’s confusing to non-accountants and the results are open to interpretation. In addition it is driven by concepts and technical rules, which vary country by country.Sometimes called “the language of business” but to many SMB owners it’s an unintelligible “foreign language”.So with these drawbacks how can a business owner rely […]

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What Accountants Want SME Business Owners to Know…

SME business accounting

SME business owners often complain about their accountant. Grumbling about their service with comments like:Read More ….

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SMB Accountants are Failing Their Clients

SMB Accountant Help

Accountants, or bookkeepers, do not provide financial management support and input for SMB owners to plan and control their businesses. Every day small business owners are challenged by questions like; Where’s the money going? What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing? What’s missing?Read More ….

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