Does your small business website suck?

small business website

Does your small business website work? Have you gone through your website to experience your customers experience?  What was it like?Read More ….

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What is ERP? – every enterprise has one

what is erp

I am often asked “what is ERP?” like it’s some new and unique way of operating – the panacea for all business problems. It is not … it’s just the latest marketing TLA (three letter acronym) for something that every business has!Read More ….

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What You Always Knew but Didn’t Admit About Your ERP Project

ERP project failure

Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) installations fail to meet their objectives.Some take far longer than planned, some cost a lot more than planned, others don’t deliver the expected benefits and others don’t deliver the expected returns. Or a combination of these.Read More ….

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Are You Setting Goals or Wandering Aimlessly?

Setting goals

The following story quoted in Fortune magazine about setting business goals is an inspiring example to follow. If you want your business to be a success the first step is to set clear goals.Read More ….

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Small Business Success: Support is the Lifeblood!

small business support

Have you given up the idea of having a successful business?  Have you given up your dream?  Is it ridiculous to assume that you have never understood what the role of the accountant is in your business? Is it a bad idea to suggest that you are feeling overwhelmed and totally lost?Read More ….

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ERP Project Failure in Manufacturing Companies

ERP Implementation Failure

ERP project failure is often seen as a computer system failure … it’s not. In the context of an assignment I’m often asked the question “do you know SageX3, or Epicor, or Netsuite, or SAP B1, or Microsoft Dynamics or whatever system?” What for?  When implementing an ERP system into a manufacturing environment this is irrelevant.Read […]

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Tax Planning in Retirement – Unlock Some Financial Relief

Tax saving

Boost your retirement funds by adding careful tax planning to your retirement planning. Reduce your financial stress and increase your lifestyle options.Read More ….

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Stumble, Success, Stumble, Success – 11 Simple Steps to Improve Your Life

ERP project failure

In its simplicity, life can be difficult. Then we make it more tortuous by the way we treat ourselves — feeding our minds with thoughts that reinforce the negatives. So what can you do to focus on the positives?Read More ….

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How Much Money to Retire

Millerd.global Header

At some stage of their life nearly everyone asks themselves the question “how much money to retire?” If you think you won’t have enough you’ll join the 96% Club! Many find that they’ll probably never have enough and will join the 96% of others who are in the same boat! The 96% Club.Read More ….

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Managing not Fearing Risk Aversion

Risk Calculator and Coins

All risk is scary! Affecting different people in different ways.With risk there is always a chance of a loss but also the opportunity of a gain. The problem is losses make us feel worse … so we fear them more! On one side we have the cliche “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Offset by the other cliche […]

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