Patrick Millerd

CRUSH your SMB CHAOS and let's build your INCOME and FREEDOM. 

Get your business profitable and growing with your own CFO in a Box!

Are you living your entrepreneurial dream?

  • Plenty of good customers? 
  • No problem finding new customers?
  • Accounts payable all up to date?
  • Motivated and undemanding staff? 
  • Lots of spare cash? Time to enjoy weekends with the family?
  • Enjoyable and worry free vacations?
  • Your spirit of business adventure soaring from success to success?
  • Time to work on the business and not buried in the business?
  • Systems in place and working?

If you've answered "yes" to all or most, congratulations! You’ve arrived in entrepreneurial  heaven.

But this is seldom the case. In fact it's often the complete opposite. 

Many SMB's are in business hell!

But support is just a contact away!

With the right support you can build your dream business. Having time to work on and not buried in your business. Growing to new heights. To live life!

So how can I help you?

My passion and expertise is saving and building small and medium sized businesses. With my financial and general management skills I can help you gain an overall perspective of your business, identify and resolve bottlenecks. Develop key measures, identify risks and build processes and procedures.

I strongly believe in the power of systems and structures that can liberate the organization. Changing from a company run by people to a company run by systems designed and controlled by people.

I have successfully managed enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations with a pragmatic and direct approach. A number of times within a few months and with very limited resources.

I’ve now survived nearly 25 years of small business ventures. Created, built and sold small businesses in various industries. With my longest single venture being a nearly 4-year contract in the Philippines.

I’m pragmatic and innovative. I've learned that the tough, unexpected events are the toll to pay on the path to success and contentment or happiness.

The unexpected events have taught me a lot about myself … and more importantly how I can use these experiences to help others. Some of these events have caused apprehension and worry while others have turned out as glorious opportunities. Although at the time it was difficult to tell them apart.

Living is not having, living is giving and doing.

I’m looking for opportunities where I can add value to small and medium sized businesses.

With my sometimes painful life experiences and many years of working in varied industries let me help you with your business challenges.

Contact Me if you need help to destress, refocus or build your small business. If your ERP project is going nowhere or you're setting up business processes?
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More about me.

I’m now 71. A “nevertiree" who will eventually be benched by life. Passionate about learning and excited by all the changes and opportunities available in the world.

My career has been in two halves. After about a 25-year corporate life I set out on my own and for the next 25 years or so I’ve been doing my own thing.

My corporate career was a series of new positions and challenges. Starting as a cost and management accountant I rapidly worked my way up and through the ranks. Early computerization projects, production and business planning, through financial director to the managing director of a group of subsidiaries.

At age 42 the first of my major accident curved balls was thrown at me. I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident. My car crushed under a truck ... whose driver had fallen asleep. I was entombed in the wreckage for over five and a half hours. While around me in the fiery mayhem eleven people died.

My recovery involved three months in hospital and a year of operations.

During the long days and nights I had many hours to think about my life and my future.

It was easy. I’d survived an accident in which I should have died. My successful, comfortable corporate career was over. I’d now venture out on my own.

Wow! This was an eye-popping experience! From corporate hero to independent zero!

Since 1993 I've been involved in establishing, buying, fixing up, working in and selling small to medium sized businesses. An exciting and challenging journey with varying degrees of success. All with interesting stories and coincidences.

I’ve enjoyed the short-lived thrill of making money as well as the wrenching anguish of losing it. The one lesson I've learned … it's sometimes easier to make money than to hang on to it!

My ventures ranged from importing textiles from China, the granite processing and project cabinetry industries, a food processing factory bought from Unilever and sold to a South African national company, through to a board processing factory.

The quieter moments being filled with small business consulting and building websites. This phase ended with a nearly four-year contract in the Philippines. Working in a factory that produces hand inlaid, natural material surfaces for the mega rich (like many billions!) yacht and airplane markets.

At age 59 I had my second serious accident … in a bicycle race. A clash of wheels. The crash … me sprawled on the road in excruciating pain with a smashed pelvis. Recovery was slow … 3 weeks in hospital and 3 months on crutches. The lesson I learned here ... age is not a friend of a speedy recovery.

It was the end of my cycle racing.

Through these two accidents I understand pain and disappointment but know the joy and reward of pushing through. The benefits of being fit and not giving up.

I still exercise regularly. Jogging, stretching, body weight exercises and some yoga. My most recent challenge was a half marathon. Completing it in a reasonable time was tough but satisfying!

I understand that curved balls arrive in your life and in your business at the worst times. It's in those times when you need the help of others to get through.

Contact Me NOW!