About Me

Are you living your business dream?
  • Plenty of good customers?  No problem finding new customers? 
  • Accounts payable all up to date? Lots of spare cash?
  • Motivated and undemanding staff? 
  • Enjoying weekends with the family?  Care-free vacations?
  • Your spirit of business adventure soaring from success to success?
  • Time to work on the business and not buried in the business?

If you've answered "yes" to all, or at least most, of these questions, congratulations! You’re one of very few in "business heaven".

But this is rare! 

Patrick Millerd

Unfortunately, most small and medium sized businesses are in some level of business hell!

Together we can crush your business chaos and build your income and freedom. 

With the right mix of complementary skills, you can build your dream business. Giving you the valuable time to work on and not be buried in your business.

My pledge to you?

My expertise is in supporting owners to build a thriving business. With my hands-on financial and operational skills, I can help you gain an overall perspective of your business. Identify and resolve bottlenecks. Develop key measures, identify and quantify risks, build processes and systems and make your accounting system work for you.

All based on the idea of doing more with less! Simply a "toilet paper" entrepreneur!

I’ve survived and thrived over 29 years of small business ventures. I've created, built, and sold small businesses in various industries. With my longest single venture being a 4-year contract in the Philippines.

I’m pragmatic and unconventional. I've learned that the pain and suffering and unexpected hurdles are the price to pay on the path to success and contentment.

While some of these experiences were stressful and tough others turned out to be glorious opportunities. Although at the time it was difficult to tell them apart. My business challenges taught me lessons and now I use these experiences to help others.

Living is not just about having, but about giving and doing.

With my varied business experience and lessons learned I can help you with your business challenges.