Discover the “Profit First Method” for the Ultimate Business Performance

SMB's do not need and cannot afford a full-time CFO but they need to know the financial keys to profitability and success.

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Use my experience to create yours

With over 45 years of varied experience in multi-cultural corporates and SMB's in the fields of finance, general management and operations:


I understand both the challenges and the rewards of being a small business owner,

I can help you with the important financial management skills needed to drive a positive cash flow through profitability,

Identify “blind spots” missed as a result of being too close to the day to day operational issues (e.g. risks)

Be a decision sounding board and provide support as an accountability partner

Have a meaningful understanding of the financial health of the business.

Analysis of existing practices and Input on building business processes.

Maintaining focus on the right issues.


Discover how I will make a difference with your company

Setting goals, setting budgets, defining objectives and key results, mentoring and coaching.

Complementing your business skills with a focus and management perspective.

Guiding you through all the day to day priorities, like finding and keeping customers and maintaining a clear focus on profitability and cash.


Check what my clients say about me

I have worked with Pat in two SMB ventures.

In both cases Pat was the CFO and I was the MD, so I was familiar with his significant input.

Pat was a great sounding board and was influential in both daily and strategic decision making in both companies.

Pat never shied away from hard decisions or hard work and his integrity came to be the cornerstone of our partnership.

I would hire him again anytime!

Peter Brierley


With his broad business experience and knowledge he manages to communicate the most complex business issues to all levels in the organisation in a way that they understand. He is "coal face" worker and will get involved and assist wherever there are problems. He has ideas that challenge the status quo and may be uncomfortable. He'll add value to any business.

Sifeze Nkantsu

Supply chain director

With Patrick, I developed the courage to take a step outside my comfort zones.

The path may not be easy and knowledge is not cheap, but all it takes is to start from somewhere and carefully keep moving amidst all odds. He has shared with our team the art of growing by allowing oneself to evolve through experience, especially those that challenge you most.

Patrick, is passionate to people with its imperfection, but finds hope and motivation to help them.

Rexel Bonolero

design manager

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