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Are you happy with your financial position? Is your business working for you? Do you have time to work on your growing business? 

Any "No's"? Then here's your solution!

I help SMB owners get where they want to be ... much quicker than they 

can on their own!

You took the risk to be a business owner - let me help you reap the rewards!.

Let me help you with

Provide you with faster and more meaningful monthly Financial Reports and analysis. 

Build systems and procedures that optimise your Operations and Cash Flow.

Financial planning tools with Budgets and Forecasts and Business Plans.  

Create a Dashboard to keep you informed of the business performance.  

Assess the Risk factors and advise on risk mitigation.

IT and Automation support. Managing the interface between systems and people.

Patrick Millerd

Patrick Millerd

About Me

My passion and expertise is in supporting small to medium sized businesses. With over 45 years of financial and general management experience I help you gain an overall perspective of your business. Identify and resolve bottlenecks, develop key processes and build your success. 

Pete Brierley

Peter Brierley 

Currently interim CEO, Le Sel Research


Pat’s broad business acumen enabled him to design the business processes and implement the ERP in both companies. This was pretty much “ground-up” work as the first business was running in a SAP environment as part of the multinational and the second had no business systems to speak of. 

Pat’s attention to detail came to the fore in his development of the costing systems for both businesses and this paved the way to successful business activities. I never had reason to doubt his reporting or reports. 

Pat was a great sounding board and was influential in both daily and strategic decision making in both companies ... Read Full Testimonial ...

Kid Nkantsu

Sifeze Nkantsu

Industrial Director and Exco Member at Danone Southern Africa


Patrick cares deeply for people and their growth and development, he is a great teacher of business and functional concepts. He holds very high ethical standards and he is driven by values of hard work and good workmanship, a great human being overall! 

Rexell - Testimonial

Rexell Benolerao

Head of Pre-Production, Research & Dev.

Passepartout Phils, Inc.


In working with Patrick, I have learned the courage to take a step outside comfort zones, towards the world I am not familiar with. The path may not be easy and knowledge is not cheap, but all it takes is to start from somewhere and carefully keep moving amidst all odds. He has shared with our team the art of growing by allowing oneself to evolve through experience, especially those that challenge you most.

 Patrick, he is passionate to people with its imperfection, but finds hope and motivation to help them.

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